Intensive English for College Level

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Intensive English for College Level


Pratiwi Samad



In order to achieve proficiency in English, learners must possess a comprehensive understanding of the many elements that constitute vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, speaking, and other essential English abilities. Learners who do not engage in progressive and systematic English practice may encounter difficulties in both speaking fluently and comprehending the things they are studying. This book is specifically tailored for intermediate to advance level students or learners. It is structured to facilitate better comprehension and enhance their vocabulary, grammar, and speaking abilities.

This book is highly valuable as instructional material for educators and those who perceive English as a challenging subject to grasp. The book titled Intensive English College Level contains fourteen English learning resources, including vocabulary lists, collections of idioms, noun, adjective and verb. English texts with accompanying meanings, and numerous exercises aimed at enhancing grammar, writing, and speaking skills. These materials facilitate a quick, accurate, and effortless understanding of the subject matter for students.